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Because my business endeavor has not been out for very long, I only have a few different gourmet soap scents for you to choose from, but I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  Please like my blog on Google+ or follow my blog to get the latest updates! Thanks.



Lavender Honey Oatmeal Facial Gourmet Herbal Soap

Although this thickly molded, oval-shaped lavender soap is absolutely ideal for facial use, it can also be used as a body soap.  Complete with add-ins such as soy milk, olive oil, raw honey, ground oats, and lavender essential oil, this facial scrub bar combines natural moisturizers (soy milk & olive oil), an exfoliate (oats), an amazing lather help (honey),  and a blemish fighting, healing, and relaxing essential oil (lavender), all into one bar.  Its uses go on and on.  



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Tuberose Gourmet Herbal Soap

This delicate scented rose soap is light pink in color and has, as all of my gourmet herbal soaps created with soy milk, a rich creamy lather.  In addition it contains olive oil, a great moisturizer for dry skin, not to mention that soy milk evens out skin texture and smooths the skin.  A lovely  favorite, my tuberose scented soap will be sure to win the hearts of all.

Price:  $3.99

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Citrus Poppy Seed Gourmet Herbal Soap

If you are in the mood for something cheerful and invigorating, this soap is the one for you!  With its add-ins of tangerine essential oil and poppy seeds, its light citrus color is definitely perfect for its name.  Besides the fact that tangerine essential oil is good for waking one up, it is also a very happy scent sure to please even the pickiest noses.  The poppy seeds prove to be a natural exfoliate and will gently smooth away dry or dead skin.  In addition, this gourmet soap is hand crafted with soy milk and olive oil.  Both are known for their smoothing and calming properties. 

Price: $3.99

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Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Gourmet Herbal Soap

This lovely smelling all natural soap has the warmth and comfort of your typical vanilla bean scent.  Its unique name sells the product along with the way it is hand crafted.  Its ingredients are of the finest quality and everything used to create it is all natural.  Complete with a spicy warm vanilla scent, this gourmet herbal soap is also created with goat's milk, a moisturizer for dry skin.  A great yummy way to clean hands!  


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